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Add the Words work to include gay and transgender people in Idaho's non-discrimination laws

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Nicole on Fear, Anger & Politics

Nicole on Power and Powerlessness

2004 Election as Idaho's first openly LGBT elected official

Nicole's Work on Idaho Economic Policy as a member of House Revenue and Taxation Committee and Senate Appropriations Committee

Anti-Bullying Bill

It Gets Better

Before Add the Words Nicole LeFavour's work and Legislative co-sponsors

Presentation of 2009 coalition bill to Senate State Affairs Committee (ACLU wrote definitions)

Nicole LeFavour: History

Nicole LeFavour Idaho Senate Add the 4 Words Protest 02-03-2014
Nicole's Work for Idaho's successful No On One Campaign
Nicole LeFavour was hired in 1994 as statewide Volunteer Coordinator for the Decline to Sign Campaign, a precursor to the No On One Campaign which defeated Idaho's 1994 anti-gay ballot initiative.

Your Family, Friends and Neighbors Co-Chair
Nicole joined the board of directors of YFFN in 1995 after the end of the No On One Campaign. She served as Co-Chair for the organization and as Pride Co-Chair and co-led the social organization Women's Night which held quarterly dances and monthly coffee shop events. From 1995 to 2000 these featured music, theater, poetry and political organizing woven together and welcomed through their doors all who identified as a women regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.