Not Giving Up

It is a bit sad that it was on Valentines day that Senator McKenzie said he didn't plan to schedule a hearing on S1033 to finally make it so gay people in Idaho can no longer be legally fired from our jobs for no other reason than that we are gay.

But let's be clear, no one I know is giving up. We can't. Next year is an election year, and every year there has been some reason why another year would be better to consider this legislation. Enough of this.

For Idaho law to continue to stay silent is to say that all the cruelty, the violence, the discrimination is acceptable, that it is ok in the state of Idaho.

It is time for a public hearing. That is next to nothing to ask. It is long past time for the legislature to listen to our stories, see what people face, hard working men and women, many of whom love this state and stay though many other states would value our lives more, would ensure our freedom and ensure we can work at a job, keep our houses, go to school and simply live our lives in peace.


The Safe Schools & Fair Employment Working Group is not giving up. Please let law makers know how you feel, lend your name in support using the on line petition or have your business endorse the legislation

One thought on “Not Giving Up

  1. Linda Crozier - February 16, 2011

    To deny a public hearing on SB1033 is beyond disappointing. It is blatantly unfair and bigoted. While Senator McKenzie is entirely within his rights to personally vote his conscience on this piece of legislation, it is an abuse of his position to deny others that same right.
    Nicole your leadership in this effort has been inspiring. Not only have you ensured that everyone involved understood the necessary processes of government, but more importantly the rationale behind this legislation. Your efforts have been informative and uplifting. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for you to see this legislation quashed before it has a chance to even be considered by your fellow lawmakers.
    Terry and I have been proud to be a small part of this effort. We will work even harder now to make safe schools and fair employment a reality in Idaho. Senator McKenzie’s decision will be but a minor roadblock in realizing this in the future.

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