The Wolf Was Framed

Rather than a policy discussion, Senator Lodge has shared a story in presenting before the Budget committee this morning. She sees the legislature as a wolf that accidentally knocked down a straw house and a stick house, killed some pigs and ate them — not to waste them of course. In her mind and in her analogy Idahoans should have sympathy for us, the wolf (and isn't THAT ironic) because we are just trying to do our best and make a cake for our granny and get through this economic time, and if a few pigs die we are sorry. Really.

2 thoughts on “The Wolf Was Framed

  1. Dr. Michael Blankenship - February 18, 2010

    Senator Lodge has never been know for hard work, so her quest for sympathy is understandable. Maybe she is doing the best she can, within her considerable limitations. But leaders are supposed to do just that – lead. And we assume a direction – upward – and not over the proverbial cliff.

  2. elliptical reviews - November 29, 2011

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